• 8 different application of peppermint essential oil

    Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the plant essence of peppermint. Peppermint essential oil can not only maintain the skin, but also can be used for the digestive system. Also has a very good detoxification effect. The fragrance of peppermint essential oil is very cool, and only smelling...
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  • Replacing antibiotics with essential oils

    Some viruses and bacteria do have a survival advantage because the viruses can change shape and the bacteria are immune to existing drugs, and scientists are not developing new drugs as fast as they are immune to older drugs.   In the battle for our well-being and health, we must be more vig...
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  • CNY holiday- Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

    Dear partners and customers: Hello! Thank you for your long-term support to our company. The Spring Festival holiday in 2022 is approaching. According to the national holiday regulations and the actual situation of our company, the holiday schedule is as follows: From January 27, 20...
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  • 10 advantages of using essential oils over traditional antibiotics

    Here, we will focus on comparing the difference between antibiotics and essential oils, so that friends who like essential oils can have a better understanding of the antibacterial and antibacterial effects of essential oils.   01 Keyword: resistance Essential oils are not as resistant as an...
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  • Four major antibacterial essential oils

    Essential oils have been around for centuries. Whether we are talking about anxiety and depression, or arthritis and allergies, essential oils can cope with everything. So the idea of ​​using essential oils to fight bacterial infections is nothing new.They have been used to fight various diseases...
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  • Eucalyptus oil

    Eucalyptus essential oil has excellent antiviral ability and is the most effective against respiratory diseases. It can relieve inflammation, purify the air, and unblock breathing; it can also reduce the temperature of colds and fevers. It is a must-have essential oil in winter, and the editor pr...
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  • Ginger oil for health and aromatherapy

    The autumn mood is getting stronger and the breeze is habitual. Although it makes people feel comfortable, it is easy to catch a cold or cough if you are not careful. At this time, ginger essential oil can help you very well! Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginger to remove moisture and cold...
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  • Natural analgesics -Wintergreen oil

    Wintergreen essential oil, wintergreen is the Gaultheria, wintergreen essential oil is a plant essential oil with a particularly strong and long-lasting aroma, wintergreen is a vine plant in the coniferous forest, about 15 meters in height, with bright red fruits, oval leaves and bells Small whit...
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  • Natural oil for trip

    Glad to share some oils for different application.   Carsick, airsick: mint essential oil, ginger essential oil Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but once you get carsick or airsick, you wonder if it really makes you happy.Peppermint essential oil has an incredible calming...
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  • Thyme oil for poultry

    Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an everygreen herb from the mint family. It has been used for culinary, medicinal, ornamental and folk medicine uses in a variety of different cultures. Thyme is used in fresh and dried form, a whole sprig (a single stem snipped from the plant), and as an essential oi...
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  • Lemongrass oil

    Lemongrass is a tall perennial plant with a delicate citrus aroma. It is commonly used in Asian cuisines such as soups, teas and curries. It is also found in fish, chicken, duck, goose, beef and seafood. In addition to the special smell, lemongrass essential oil can promote healthy digestion and ...
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  • Natural oils as mosquito repellent in Summer

    Natural oils as mosquito repellent in Summer

    Summer as promised, whether at home or out, there will always encounter some inexplicable bugs. So, what bugs do we need to watch out for? No.1 The first is the most common, and some people are particularly attracted to mosquitoes.So you need a geranium to protect yourself from mosquitoes.When ...
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